Gabriela Sedeno – Headache-Low Back Pain

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Headache/Low Back Pain Resolved Through Chiropractic!!!

Gabriela Sedeno writes about her chiropractic experience…

“My name is Gabriela Sedeno.  Before I came to see Dr. T I had a lot of lower back pain.  I could not sleep or stand for a long period of time.  After my first visit I did not see any results, but Dr. T assured me if I followed all my visits I will be better in no time.  So after a few more visits I felt NO pain at all.  My headaches also went away.  I still can’t believe it that I have no pain without taking any medication.  I fell so much better and I can do more.  Thank you Dr. T and the wonderful staff.”

Mrs. Sedeno, as with most cases, did not respond overnight.  This occurs because the body adapts to the crooked position that causes it pain.  So much so that sometimes even the bones will change.  When this occurs, it takes time and repitition to establish a new more aligned position for the bones.  What usually happens during the course of treatment is a gradual improvement over a period of time.  So don’t be discouraged if you don’t feel instantaneous relief (though this does happen too!).  It took your body a long time to get into the painful state it is in so it will take some time to straghten it out!!!  Dr. T

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