Mayra Martinez – Horrible pain in lower back

Mayra Martinez - Horrible pain in lower back

Pain Free Driving
Mayra Martinez writes about her chiropractic experience:

I had a horrible pain in my lower back. At times, I could not sit for a long time because the pain was so constant and painful. I would have to lie down or move around. Sometimes it would not go away after five to ten minutes. When I had those sharp shock pains I would feel helpless. I thought that the pain would never go away, because I would always have then come back. I would use those heating patches so I could sleep, but then the next day would be the same.
A month passed by and I thought to myself that my back should be pain free by now, but it was not.
My boyfriend had observed me when I would have serious back pain attacks. He then suggested to look for a chiropractor. My sister, who is Dr. T’s patient, told me about Dr. T. My sister talked to Dr. T about me, and she brought me a note to make an appointment with him.
Since I have seen Dr. T my back has been getting better. Every day that goes by the pain is less. I noticed the difference with Dr. T’s care. Now I can drive for long periods of time and my back doesn’t hurt.
I believe I got better because I followed Dr. T’s instructions and asked questions on what to do differently to release stress in my lower back and keep it from hurting.
I am so lucky to have fallen into Dr. T’s hands. Thanks a lot to Dr. T for being so helpfu since day one. Also, Linda for helping me that week Dr. T was on vacation.