Back pain can be the result of several reasons. One is trauma, such as a fall or a car accident. But most often back pain is from an everyday activity done incorrectly. Like something as common as twisting to reach or lift an object, sitting at a computer in the same position for several hours, or bending over to vacuum, and even carrying shopping bags. But the good news is that back pain prevention doesn’t have to be that hard. Maybe just a few adjustments that will soon become second nature.

Here are six easy but simple back pain prevention tips.

Exercise. Get up and move around.

Eat right. Bad diet will add on extra pounds as well as affect your physical well being.

Sleep sideways. Take some weight off your back. And sleep on your left side.

Maintain proper posture. It’s best to keep your posture in correct alignment.

Reduce stress. Stress causes you to tense your muscles.

Quit smoking. This is bad overall for your health anyways.

It’s easy to reduce your risk for back pain with simple lifestyle changes. But, if you should experience back pain, don’t wait. It could be a sign of something more serious. Talk to an experienced chiropractor about your symptoms and what you should do to find and treat the problem.